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October 10, 2016

Do the next thing.

Sometimes you hear a statement and it means nothing to you. Other times you hear a statement and it is absolutely pivotal for that moment.

Last Sunday night three friends and I attended a Casting Crowns concert. If you are not familiar with their music, I think you are missing out. We all were incredibly blessed by their music, their stories, and their words. But in typical concert fashion there were two acts before them.

The first act was a young woman named Hannah. She sang two or three songs that she had written. The songs were unfamiliar to me, but interesting none the less.

On her last song she asked each of us to get out our phones and turn it to flashlight mode. Throughout the entire auditorium a relatively dark place had become bright. Her song was “Let your light shine brighter.”

As I sat there I thought, “I am one person holding a phone – my light makes a difference.” For the giant question in my soul this was a very important thought. For the last two weeks I had been asking myself, “Why I am choosing to write on the blog? Why do it?” The first answer I received was this moment. My words, my little web page is like a tiny light in this dark world. Just as my phone is small and doesn’t seem to make a huge difference its light does make a small difference. That was encouraging to understand.

The next act was Matt Maher, who I absolutely love. His words make me think and his music makes me happy. His last song had this line in it. “This is the next day of the rest of your life.” Such a great reminder that every morning is a new morning and a fresh start. And again coming back to the blog, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t written for a few weeks. I knew I was supposed to be writing and tomorrow was a fresh start.

Casting Crown took the stage! And they had a ginormous jumbo-tron screen. Even I could read the words way in the back. It had  #DoTheVeryNextThing plastered across the front of it. This was there theme and message. Wherever you are in life, whatever you are doing in your life, Do The Very Next Thing!

This rang through my soul. Two years ago I went to a conference and that was the message I had walked away with. Do the very next thing. Could it be that simple? Yes it could.

Lyrics: Call me out to deeper water but I keep staying in the shallow end, I am settled on the shallow end.

What if I gave everything?

Ask yourself that question, “What if I gave everything?” Does it make your heart thump in your chest way down deep? It does for me. I wasn’t even sure what was holding me back from writing, but after hearing this line, I knew it didn’t even matter. I just needed to be writing.

Then these words in relation to my relationship with God: So good bye to standing here there’s something we’re all holding behind our backs. What should I trust you with?

What should I trust you with? God are you trust worthy? Yes. I trust you with my words. I will not hold them behind my back and will entrust them to you. I will hold them out for all to see.

One of my favorite songs of all time, was yet again a beautiful reminder. “A vapor in the wind, catch me when I am falling.” This song took me back to the first time I heard Casting Crowns. I was single. I had taken a whole year and purposely made ten new friends. I felt so stuck in that season of my life, but I just kept purposing to do the next thing. And I did. I loved the irony and humor in it all.

Here I am almost ten years later with an utterly different life and yet the message is still the same. Do the very next right thing.

So what about you friend? What is your very next right thing you are to be doing? What if you gave everything to God? Can you trust him with it? Only you and He can answer that.

What is your small light that you can shine? Don’t believe the lie that it is insignificant, you and your light are utterly significant.

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  • Stephanie Georgieff October 24, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Hey there, glad you are writing again, I so enjoy your posts! Remember Wendy next time you need a sitter, she just might be available 🙂