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Stop. Right now. . .

August 22, 2016

Stop. Right Now. Remake your life from the inside out. p. 51  Shauna Niequist

This has been quite a week. A friend came in from out of town to stay with us. We decided to buy a new family vehicle, and the husband unit worked over 50 hours. Along with all the other normal life things that go on.

Last Sunday two very significant things happened. Tim and I decided we wanted to actively start looking for a car and a friend texted me and said she had bought me a book and it would be arriving in the mail soon.

The book that she bought me was Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I had been wanting to buy this book but was waiting for our financial resources to settle a bit first. What a fun thing to receive a book in the mail, I hadn’t even ordered!

In the midst of all the busyness I began to read. Friends, buy this book and read it. The subtitle is: Leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living. This has been at the core of what I have been working on, and dealing with. How do you un-create the life you have created for yourself? Especially when you thought this was the life you always wanted?

Every paragraph has a sentence or more underlined. I cry almost every time I pick it up. But the tears are not out of frustration or hurt. They are out of relief. Someone else has had my struggle. Someone else has found how to make their life smaller and create more room for their soul.

Stop. Right Now. Remake your life from the inside out. p. 51

Wait, What? Right now. You mean this very day? Not next week or next month or in 2025, but right now? What am I doing? I am stopping. Stopping fear from ruling my life. Stopping doubts from having the most say. Stopping the running track of nonsense that makes me think I have to do certain things a certain way to be successful or blessed or whatever other accolade I am looking for.

I am still grappling with how to remake my life from the inside out. But Stop. Right now. Is enough for me today.

If any of this resonates with you then buy this book or go to the library and get on the waiting list. Discover the words for yourself.


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