Raw and Real

Week in Review

November 7, 2016

This past week was full of all kinds of interesting events.

Monday was Halloween – there is an outside Mall about five minutes from us called Kent Station. Ben was dressed as a Super Hero and we were dressed as his parents. We walked all around Kent Station, by the end he had it down pretty well. Walk into store, smile at clerk, say “Treat” and circle back to the parent closest at hand. It sprinkled off and on but it was mostly fun! He had so much candy his bucket was overflowing the dad unit took and handful of candy and stuffed it in his pocket! What a helpful dad!

Tuesday we met with our Life Insurance Agent. Tim has had life insurance since 2001, but after Ben was born we decided to upgrade the policy to include myself and our son. One evening in December of 2014 a gentleman came and we signed all the papers. I learned something this Tuesday night that I didn’t know about the previous visit 2 years prior. During the first visit I was so freaked out at the thought of my husband dying and me having to handle everything I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t remember anything we were told or what to do if I needed too. Secondly they gave us this child kidnapping kit which took me to whole other level of crazy. But this was back in the days of me smiling and pretending like I was fine even though I absolutely wasn’t. This past week, I learned so much because my brain wasn’t in trauma mode it was in “I need to know what to do for my family” mode. Which let me tell you is a much better place to be.

Wednesday was fun, big giant fun. Ben and I met some friends and we went to Disney on Ice! I bought Ben a pair of binoculars that he insisted on looking through backwards! This made me laugh every single time he did it. The show started with the Toy Story soldiers! Such big giant fun. When Woody came on the ice my son kept jumping up and down and yelling, “Woody!! Woody!!” Oh so fun!

Thursday was about people. We met a friend for breakfast, a friend came to us for lunch, and we cooked a fancy dinner for the daddy. It is always good to spend time with others. I gain a better perspective on myself, on my friends, and on the world in general.

Friday was date night for the parents and play date night for Ben and a friend! You know how you suddenly realize you need a break from your life. I have the privilege of staying home with Ben all day, every day. But this week I needed to get out of the house with just the Big Man! We dropped the son unit off at our friends house. They have a daughter who is 15 months old, so Ben gets to be the “big” boy. I sat down on the couch to visit with the mom for a few minutes. Ben came over, stood right in front of me, waved and said, “Bye Mom.” Well okay then. We left them to it and headed out to the movies. Some nights are just more fun than other nights, this was one of those nights. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, we had excellent conversation, and we were reminded yet again why we picked each other to build this life together.

Saturday was big and heavy. We had a family meeting scheduled to discuss care for an older family member. It had taken 3 ½ weeks to make this meeting happen, but it was worth it. We had some honest conversation, we talked about what each of us had been observing. But most importantly we made a plan to move forward together. It was such a relief. The faithfulness of God and loving others really can make a difference. What potentially could have been a very awkward and difficult evening was instead encouraging and helpful.

Sunday was church. After church Tim wanted to go by a sporting goods shop. He wanted to buy some catchers shin guards. This did not make sense to me as he is not interested in sports in any way shape or form. He explained they were for work and they helped his knees. Oh by all means, let’s go. As we were walking around the shop, Ben picked up a very small baseball mitt and began running around with it. Tim and I looked at each other – shocked. How did this kid know what to do with this? We have never watched baseball, yet he knew exactly what to do with it. We both agreed we needed to buy it for him. Ben was so excited! He held the glove the whole way home.

So what is the point? Why tell you about each of these different things? We all live such vast and varying lives. It is so easy to look at your own life and think all I do it go to work and come home. Yet I bet that isn’t true. I bet you have phone conversations with family, I bet you encourage a co-worker at work. I would encourage you to glance back at your week in review. Maybe you will find a blessing you missed. Or maybe you will see all the interesting pieces in your life in a way that you haven’t seen before.

From my life to yours – it is worth doing well. Just one day at a time. Today matters.

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